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Labelxpo Europe is the world's largest event for the label and package printing industry with over 600 exhibitors showing a full range of machinery and materials for the label and package printing and converting industry.

“We are thrilled to be exhibiting our full range of innovative and industry focused solutions again at Labelexpo 2017,” commented Martin Keats, Managing Director at Lake Image Systems Ltd. “Variable data on labels and packaging is growing rapidly and so incorporating a robust inspection process is now an essential component of many label and packaging production workflows. We invite all Labelexpo visitors to our booth to explore our full range of inspection solutions based on real-life applications.” Lake Image Systems will feature its market leading Discovery platform, offering powerful, tailored solutions for the Label and Packaging industry to automate variable data integrity and print quality inspection requirements. Solutions being demonstrated at the show include:

• Food & Pack Labelling are becoming more complex, with variable data traceability requirements, and RFID security tagging. Demands for increased throughput, improved process efficiency, and quality assurance are driving the dependence on inspection to reduce the risk of costly product returns, damaging client satisfaction, and ultimately lower profitability. Lake Image will be demonstrating its marketing leading Discovery platform, specifically adapted to focus on the print and label inspection requirements for the food and packaging industry. Printed variable data including UID, brand protection, loyalty and gaming devices can be automatically inspected and verified at full production speeds.

• Pharma, Shipping & Security Labels. Lake Image’s Discovery platform provides data verification, quality control, reporting and traceability enabling tools which can easily be applied to pharmaceutical, shipping and security labels such as tax stamps, authentication, and anti-counterfeit labels. Lake Image will demonstrate how critical data can be read even from challenging surfaces using sophisticated camera, scanner and lighting technology for applications featuring visible and invisible coding techniques, potentially combined with RFID technologies. The Discovery system enables 100% integrity and quality inspection for every label during the production process, verifying every code is checked, graded and validated for readability and accuracy. Missing or duplicate label detection across multiple production processes, critical for secure labels applications, can also be managed and controlled with the Discovery Enterprise server/client network.

Return on investment can be quickly achieved through reduced inspection costs, improved efficiency, waste reduction and reduced risk. Full integrity data can support audit tracking, and Track&Trace systems, with log files, records and reports on every label produced. Seamless integration is available with third party processing equipment such as inline inkjet printers, digital and hybrid label presses, converting, finishing and rewinder systems.

Lake Image Systems Solutions on Partners BoothsIn addition to demonstrations in the Lake Image booth, their industry leading Discovery platform will also be featured at several partner booths:

• SOLEX GmbH on ROSAS MASCHINENBAU GmbH Stand (Hall 7, Stand B40) will be showing the Discovery Multiscan label inspection system mounted on a ROSAS table top Hybride Rewinder. Discovery Multiscan will be verifying and ANSI barcode grading a 2D barcode, which is inkjet printed onto a pharmaceutical label stock, in addition to verifying a sequence number and a block of text for print errors at speeds close to 500 ft/min.

• BUSKRO Ltd. (Hall 4, Stand E67) will be showing Discovery Multiscan3 to read, track and verify variable text, barcodes and QR codes, Inkjet printed on label stock for a roll to roll label personalisation application.

At Label Expo 2017, Lake Image will demonstrate its full array of industry solutions, specifically targeted to address the expanding and increasingly challenging inspection needs of today’s blend of conventional and digital label production environments.

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